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Get expert advice on choosing the right packaging for your product from Genius Packaging’s team of experienced professionals. Consult with us for free to discuss your requirements and goals. We have the right packaging solutions to help your business succeed and win over your customers.

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Wholesale Custom Box Solutions

We strive to fulfill the industrial needs of our customers by providing wholesale solutions. At Genius Packaging, you can place orders in large quantities. We can provide customized boxes in bulk, from one hundred to thousands of boxes.

Luxury Box of Genius Packaging

Luxury Box

Custom Shaped Mylar Bags of Genius Packaging

Custom Shaped Mylar Bags

Food Packaging Box of Genius Packaging

Food Packaging Box

Mylar Bag of Genius Packaging

Mylar Bag

Genius Packaging - Your Gateway to Custom Packaging Solutions

Want to stand out in the Market with our Custom Printed Boxes at Wholesale Prices?

Have you ever wondered how to distinguish your brand's packaging in packaging boxes? Well, if you're an executive member of a business, you must have faced it thrice in your career.

Custom packaging is a saturated and unique industry. Finding the right fit for your business can be challenging, as it's usually either expensive or time-consuming, and one can also experience trust issues.

Genius Packaging, a top USA-based packaging company, provides you with skilled, expert designers who are giants in their field. From Custom Box Printing and designing to sizing and quantity, we serve you with top-notch quality products.

What's beyond the box? Customized Box!

We're living in the twenty-first century, the literal era of Gen-Z. The world loves colors and personalization. Hasn't it been years staying inside the box? Now is the time to think beyond the box for your branding and packaging solutions.

Are you looking to brand your business out of the box? If you nod your head in agreement, Genius Packaging has got you covered. We have a variety of designs. Whether you need high-impact offset printing for vibrant colors and photorealistic detail, sophisticated digital printing for variable data and short runs, or innovative techniques like embossing, foil stamping, and metallic inks for a truly luxurious touch, our printing experts will help you find the perfect solution to uplift your branding and converting your customers.

Are you still looking for Custom Packaging in your Industry?

At Genius Packaging, we believe in the power of serving as many industries as possible. As we previously mentioned, custom packaging is a saturated market—however, there is nothing to worry about when partnering with Genius Packaging. We facilitate you with our Custom Packaging Services across all industries, from food boxes to rigid packaging.

Still trying to understand what Genius Packaging can create for you?

We are serving businesses in the following niches and industries:  

  • CBD Boxes with Personalization: We elevate your wellness brand with our CBD Boxes that are secure and packaging designed by our experts.
  • Minimalistic Jewelry Packaging: Your stones shine, but Genius Packaging helps you be the powerhouse of shine with our Custom Jewelry Boxes.
  • Custom Soap Packaging Boxes: Genius Packaging builds a natural and eye-catching canvas for organic products. You can also customize your Soap Boxes with our experts.
  • Vape Boxes that reflect your brand image: In a crowded market like vape, Genius Packaging aims to set you apart with our unique packaging designs of Vape Boxes.
  • Cosmetic Boxes for your Organic brand: Every person desires to see their most loved makeup product in stunning and functional packaging. At Genius Packaging, we make that happen for you. Stand out from the market with our Custom Cosmetic Boxes.
  • Cereal Boxes, king of the breakfast table: Your brand will be available at every breakfast table, and people love it when the packaging is easy to use and attractive. With Genius Packaging, your product becomes the start on the table.
  • Secure Pizza Boxes: With our Pizza Packaging, your customers not only have a delightful experience, but we lock the product's taste with our safe and secure design and build.
  • Mylar Bags: Durable packaging that keeps your products fresh and protected is only available at Genius Packaging. Get your Custom Mylar Bags at 25% discount.

Our Vision Serving Your Business

Genius Packaging, ranking among the top USA Packaging brands, aims to add value to your business. For Genius Packaging, money is never the end goal. Our vision is to have our Custom Boxes placed at every shop across the USA. We serve you without breaking the bank. Ultimately, the flex is how many admirers we can gain and turn them into satisfied business partners.

Your Trust Keeps Us Going 

Genius Packaging is the most admirable brand for Custom Boxes Wholesale. It comes with logical reasoning, doesn't it? We know what you imagine for your brand, and we make it happen by hook or by crook.

Genius Packaging is now a family trusted by 100+ brands across the USA, from the food to cosmetic industries. A brand can only flex when people trust it. Genius Packaging came into being in 2016 and is trusted by top-tier companies.

If it wasn't for people's trust, we wouldn't be who we are now. Every business that trusts us with its Custom Printed Boxes or custom packaging needs deserves the best results, and we provide them with the highest quality.

What is the power our Custom Boxes hold?

In today's competitive Market, standing out is crucial. That's where our custom packaging comes in. We offer possibilities to outshine your brand and captivate your customers.

Endless Styles for Every Custom Packaging Product

Forget generic boxes! At Genius Packaging, we believe in customization. We offer many attractive styles and templates to suit your product perfectly. Whether you need sleeve boxes for jewelry, sturdy boxes for electronics, or playful boxes for toys, we have the perfect option.

Brand Love Comes from Creativity

Go beyond the ordinary! We allow you to personalize your boxes with stunning designs, vibrant colors, and captivating patterns. Our team of experts will work with you to create packaging that reflects your brand identity and resonates with your target audience.

Premium Quality, Guaranteed 110%

At Genius Packaging, quality is never compromised. We use only the finest materials to ensure your boxes are beautiful, durable, and protective. Here's a glimpse into our material options:

Eco-Friendly Kraft Paper

This affordable, biodegradable option is perfect for lightweight products and environmentally conscious brands.

Smoothly Printed Cardboard

Our high-quality Cardboard Boxes offers a flawless surface for eye-catching digital or offset printing. Its strength makes it ideal for a variety of products.

Rigid Stock for Luxury Appeal

Elevate your premium products with luxurious Rigid Boxes. These sturdy boxes offer exceptional customization options, including printing, lamination, and more.

Corrugated Protection

When it comes to heavy-duty products, Corrugated Boxes are the answer. Their fluted design ensures superior protection against damage during shipping.

Why Genius Packaging?

Do you want free graphic design support and shipping without breaking the bank? Well, you have the answer to why you chose Genius Packaging. Access our design library with 1000+ design templates and trade literally anyone with your company's logo. We love our customers, so order your custom boxes now and get them delivered for free to your doorsteps. Oh, wait, with our express shipping, it only takes 8 days. Progress in your branding and make your customers feel the loudness.

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Our team of experts is always here to help you on the right path. Have a free consultation call, and if you're not clear at the end, we promise to stop any Sales follow-ups.

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Crafting Custom Packaging Boxes A Step-By-Step Process

Explore the logical and precise step-by-step process of designing custom packaging boxes, starting from material selection to the design and labelling stages. Enhance your packaging skills with invaluable insights and expert guidance in our guide.

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Unlimited Customization

Genius Packaging offers aesthetically pleasing custom packaging boxes with unlimited customization to ensure your products leave a long-lasting impression on your customer's minds. More interestingly, we offer unlimited customization for free to make packaging solutions cost-efficient. It means engaging your customers with your brand without spending thousands of dollars on marketing and branding strategies.

Emboss/Deboss of Genius Fixers


Get answers to the most frequent questions about our creative packaging ideas, how we do things. If you cannot find the information you need, please contact our team.

Stocks that are Most Relevant to Your Packaging Requirements

Choosing the right material has the most significant role in making packaging boxes aesthetically appealing, incorporating a premium feel, and introducing durability. So, for branded packaging, choose materials like recyclable Kraft, Cardboard, Luxury Rigid, and Multi-Layer corrugated cardboard to keep your products protected inside out with a branded look. Let us explore the difference between them!

CardBoard of Genius Packaging


  • Solid Bleached Sulfate Card
  • Best Material for retail Products
  • Multiple Coloring Options
  • Various thicknesses levels (12pt-24pt)
  • Best for Light and Heavy Products
Kraft of Genius Packaging


  • Eco-Friendly and Biodegradable
  • Solid Colors
  • Uncoated Material
  • Strong and Durable
  • Best for all Products
Corrugated CardBoard of Genius Packaging


  • Single, double, and triple walls
  • Types from A-flute to E-flute
  • Excellent durability
  • Best for mailing and shipping
  • For bulk and weighted goods
Rigid of Genius Packaging


  • Non-Bendable Material
  • High-End Luxury Boxes
  • Stiff and Heavy Material
  • Best for Branded Products
  • Optimal Protection
  • For luxury and Delicate Products


What makes Genius Packaging Different?

Each decision at Genius Packaging relies on the policy of customer satisfaction as the foremost priority. Factors behind our highest customer retention rate are not just offering better rates and faster turnaround time.

The attention to detail and dedicated support from initial idea, design, planning, production and delivery on your doorstep making every step easier.

60% better prices than the average market.
80% of Projects get delivered in only one week.
Dedicated Industry Expert assigned for each Project.
Solid after-sales customer support policy.
Comparison with General Market
60% Lower From Market
Turnaround Time Comparison
Deliver In 14 Days
World Wide Shipping Charges
Box & Die Design Charges
Customer Retention Rate
90% Customer Retention Rate
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See Why Customers Love Genius Packaging

Discover why we're the top choice for the world's Inc 5000 and Fortune 500 companies. With super-fast production times, affordable pricing, and a sky's the limit attitude, we will help you turn your packaging into a competitive differentiator.

Everything arrived precisely as requested and promptly as well. I got exactly what I ordered, and my materials fit perfectly according to my plans. I received them quickly. I will certainly order from you again when I need it.

James Smith

Genius Packaging Brilliant Services. I couldn’t believe how quickly they could make my custom-sized packaging boxes & get them shipped to me. I will be using them again when I need the custom packaging boxes need.

Jeff Spark

Genius Packaging Custom Box has Excellent quality. They helped me with all my needs, gave me advice, and executed my specifications exceptionally. Will be ordering again, and they had quick delivery.

Sarah Williams

Will be using this company from now on. great service! I was a little unsure of how much to order, but the team was amazed. helped me figure it out and saved me some money! fast shipping. will be ordering again soon!

John James

I had a fantastic experience with this packaging service. The quality of their products is excellent, and their team provided valuable guidance throughout the process. They exceeded my expectations in executing my specifications.

Sam Sebastian

Genius Packaging Outstanding quality and service! They not only met but exceeded my packaging requirements. Their expert team provided me with valuable advice, and the execution of my specifications was flawless.

Bruna Buby