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How To Get the Right Size of Mylar Bag? The Ultimate Size Chart

How To Get the Right Size of Mylar Bag A Ultimate Size Chart

Mylar bags are one of the most popular and used products in the packaging market. They are used to durably store rice, wheat, and cereal, as well as coffee beans and even skincare products. Custom Mylar bags have become the top choice of retail market buyers and consumers.

Many factors contribute to the effectiveness and safety of Mylar packaging bags, including their size, thickness, and print. If you're a business looking to enhance the beauty of your products in Mylar Bags, read through our size guide.

What is a Mylar Bag? Create an Exotic Mylar bag for your product

These Exotic Weed Mylar bags boast incredible strength and resilience made from a unique polyester film called BoPET (Biaxially Oriented Polyethylene Terephthalate). They act as a fortress against external threats, keeping out moisture, gases, and anything else that might try to spoil the goodies inside. This exceptional barrier protection makes Mylar bags ideal for safeguarding various products, ensuring they stay fresh and maintain their integrity for extended periods.

Do Custom Printed Mylar Bags Function Beyond Storage?

Absolutely! Mylar Packaging Bags are renowned for their exceptional ability to safeguard a wide range of products. It crosses my mind what exactly makes them so effective. Here is the answer:

Superior Barrier Protection with Die Custom Mylar Bags

BoPET film, used in this packaging, is known for its exceptional gas and moisture barrier properties. This creates a fortress-like environment, effectively blocking out:

  • Moisture: Prevents spoilage and maintains product integrity by keeping humidity at bay.
  • Oxygen: Oxygen can degrade some products. Mylar bags minimize oxygen exposure, extending shelf life and preserving freshness.
  • Light: Light can damage certain products. Mylar bags, especially those with an aluminum layer, offer light-blocking capabilities for added protection.
  • Durability and Puncture Resistance: BoPET film is robust and tear-resistant. This ensures Mylar bags can withstand bumps, abrasions, and punctures during storage and transport, keeping your products safe.
  • Temperature Regulation: Mylar film offers some degree of insulation, helping to moderate temperature fluctuations within the bag. This can be beneficial for products sensitive to extreme heat or cold.
  • Odor Control: Mylar Bags Wholesale tight seal and barrier properties help prevent odors from escaping or entering the bag. This is crucial for maintaining product freshness and preventing unwanted odor contamination.

What are some commonly used sizes of Mylar Bags Wholesale?

Like your favorite pair of jeans, Printed Mylar Bags come in various sizes to perfectly fit your needs. Choosing the right size ensures optimal product protection, storage efficiency, and customer satisfaction. But with so many options, where do you begin?

Here's a breakdown of some commonly used Mylar bag sizes and their ideal applications:

Small Sizes Medium Sizes Large Sizes
  • 2' x 3'   Herbs, Spicies, Seeds
  • 3' x 5'   Sugar, Salt, Baking
  • 4' x 6'   Nuts, Bolts, Coins
  • 6' x 9'   Stamps, Powder, Beads
  • 8' x 11'   Dried, Beans, Tea
  • 9' x 12'   Granis, Jerky, Arts
  • 10' x 12'   Crafts, Supplies, Collectibles
  • 12' x 16'   Rice, Wheat, Freeze
  • 14' x 20'   Oats, Pasta, Flour
  • 16' x 24'   Dried Food, Stationery

Mylar Bags can also be custom-cut to specific sizes for unique needs. What matters is what you exactly need. Here are a few tips to help you choose the size you need.

Beyond Small, Medium, and Large: What size do I need?

Custom Mylar Bags come in vast sizes, but finding the 'ultimat' size depends on your specific needs. Here's a quick guide to ensure you choose the perfect fit: and recall among consumers. The following are widely recognized instances:

  • Measure Up: Before you shop, grab your measuring tape! Knowing the length, width, and height of your product is critical. Remember to account for odd shapes.
  • Quantity Counts: How much are you storing? Will you be packing single items or multiples per bag? Factor in the total volume you need to accommodate.
  • Room to Breathe: Don't squeeze your stuff in! Allow extra space for easy packing and to avoid crushing your items.
  • Think Long-Term: If you'll be accessing the bag frequently, consider a larger size for resealing convenience.
  • Branding Bonus: Are you planning to add a custom label or logo? Make sure there's enough space for your branding needs.
  • Storage Savvy: Consider where you'll store or display your Mylar bags. Will they fit neatly on shelves, or do you need a stackable size?
  • Travel Considerations: Consider shipping costs. Smaller bags might be more cost-effective for multiple items, while larger bags are ideal for bulk storage and transport.

How to Measure the Thickness of Your Custom Mylar Bags?

Here's a sweet spot to help you get the idea while choosing the thickness of your Mylar bags, keeping external factors in view. 4 mil shields basic food (sugar, flour) from moisture. The 5.5 mil bags are ideal for most dry goods (pasta, granola). 7 mil+ is for heavy-duty protection for long storage (whole beans).

Tip to Remember: Thicker (at least 4mil) = more protection (and cost) and 10% security. Choose wisely and contact Genius Packaging at any point during measurement.

Outer Size
(W x L)
Inner Size
(W x L)
2.75 x 3.952.35 x 2.750.8coin/earning
2.95 × 4.722.55 x 3.521.2Sam's Card
3.14 x 5.112.74 x 3.912.4iPhone charger
3.54 x 4.723.14 x 3.522.5small bracelet
3.54 x 6.293.04 x 5.093.5iphone charger
3.93 x 7.083.53 x 5.884.0iphone 6s
4.13 x 5.913.63 × 4.713.83. lip gloss
4.72 x 7.874.32 x 6.674.5iphone 8 case
5.12 x 8.27 4.72 × 7.07 5.5 phone case
5.51 x 7.87 5.11 × 6.675.5 handmade soap
6.29 x 9.44 5.90 x 8.2410cookies/snacks
7.08 x 10.24 6.68 x 9.0412cookies/snacks


How thick should my Mylar bags be?

Aim for 4-7 mil thickness. This offers a good balance between protection and flexibility.

What's a 'mil' when it comes to Mylar?

Mil is a unit that measures Mylar thickness, similar to thousandths of an inch.

So, how thick are Mylar bags typically?

It depends on what you're storing! Food storage generally uses 4 mils or thicker for optimal protection.

What’s the ideal size for a Mylar bag?

It really depends on the product such as beans or brown sugar or ground coffee. The sweet spot for starting point is 4 mil which goes up to 7 mil.