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Comprehensive Guide On Cigarette Box Dimensions & Sizes

Comprehensive Guide On Cigarette Box Dimensions & Sizes

Beyond preserving the freshness of the tobacco and cigarettes, what other potential advantages can a cigarette box have? You would be surprised to know how many advantages there are when it comes to product packaging. Every box tells an open tale about the products. In particular cigarette box companies often also use their packaging to send health messages to their customers. Are your boxes just there to hold your cigarettes? Or do you want to represent your brand's individuality with it?

Beyond Aesthetics: The Practical Advantages of Cigarette Boxes

Beyond the branding image of the Cigarette Boxes, they also have several advantages that are linked to their sizes and dimensions. Here are a few of the advantages:

  • Compact and Rectangular Design: The small rectangular design makes it easy for the box to be portable. It is designed to slip into pockets and bags and be carried anywhere with ease.
  • Protection of products: The dimensions or shape of a cigarette box prevents cigarette deterioration from air and moisture exposure and keeps the tobacco fresh and undamaged.
  • Standardized Size: A small standard size of Cigarette Packaging guarantees effective retail packaging, storage, and presentation.
  • Information and Branding: Even with a small size, it gives a good presentation of legally required health warnings as well.

Variety and Creativity: Types of Cigarette Packaging

There are different types of Custom Cigarette Boxes available in the market. These are all, to some extent, called standard sizes. Because they are all created in almost the same quantity. A few of these are:

Standard King Size Box

Typically, standard king-size cigarette boxes have dimensions of around 85 mm in length and 55 mm in breadth. Typically constructed of cardboard and called Cardboard Cigarette Boxes, they can accommodate twenty cigarettes. As required by law, these boxes frequently include branding, health warnings, and occasionally graphic pictures. The design seeks to strike a compromise between portability and robustness, making it simple to travel while safeguarding the cigarettes within.

100's Boxes

Longer cigarettes, usually measuring around 100 mm in length, are intended to fit in a 100's cigarette box, hence the name. The width and depth of these boxes are typically comparable to those of king-size boxes, but they are higher to hold longer smokes. They are composed of cardboard, much like regular boxes, and can accommodate 20 cigarettes. By legal requirements, they also have branding, health advisories, and graphic pictures. The design makes sure the smokes are secure and convenient to carry about.

200's Boxes

A carton, sometimes referred to as a 200's cigarette box, holds 200 cigarettes at once. Usually containing 10 separate packs of 20 cigarettes apiece, these boxes are substantially bigger than conventional 20-count cigarette packs. Usually constructed from thick cardboard, the carton can withstand the added weight and offer more protection. In compliance with regulatory regulations, the container prominently displays branding, health warnings, and graphic pictures.

Slim Boxes

Cigarette boxes marked as slim or extra-slim are made to fit thinner cigarettes, which typically have a diameter of 4.7 to 5.4 mm as opposed to the industry norm of 7.9 mm. These boxes are smaller, typically having less depth and breadth to match the smaller size of the smokes. 20 cigarettes are often found in a thin or super slim package, however some may have less. These Cardboard Boxes are regulated to include branding, health warnings, and graphic pictures.

The Development of Packaging for Cigarettes

Over time, Custom Cigarette Packaging has changed dramatically to accommodate shifting customer preferences and legal constraints. Modern cigarette boxes include sophisticated designs that contain branding, health warnings, and graphic graphics. Originally, they were plain and functional. Efforts to appeal to shifting aesthetic sensibilities and discourage smoking through strong visual signals have propelled this evolution. In addition, the industry's reaction to environmental concerns and the need for more sustainable practices is shown by the move towards novel packaging methods and eco-friendly materials. Empty Cigarette Boxes are changing for practical reasons, but it also reflects larger developments in design and public health consciousness.


Cigarette boxes play a crucial role beyond mainly packaging cigarettes. They serve as a vital component in promoting responsible smoking practices through clear health warnings and by providing essential information. Not only that, their packaging helps ensure that consumers are well informed about the health risks associated with smoking. Additionally, the design and functionality of cigarette packaging contributes to brand identity and industry, enhancing each brand's individuality. In a broader aspect, these boxes help with many aspects of the cigarette businesses. Adhering to ways of keeping a check on consumers and providing them with what they need.


What measurements does a cigarette sleeve have?

A pack, or sleeve, of cigarettes, is usually 3.4 inches by 2.2 inches by 0.9 inches in size. Usually, twenty smokes are in it. The precise measurements may differ slightly based on the brand and packing.

In inches, how big is a cigarette box?

The dimensions of a typical cigarette box are 3.35 by 2.16 by 0.87 inches. Depending on the kind of cigarette and the style of packaging, these measurements may change somewhat.

What is the size of a cigarette carton?

Typically, a carton of cigarettes has dimensions of 8.3 by 6.3 by 2.2 inches and holds 200 cigarettes, which are separated into 10 packs of 20 cigarettes each.

Which is larger, super king or king-size cigarettes?

Compared to king-size cigarettes, super-king cigarettes are bigger. King-size cigarettes measure 85mm in length while super-king cigarettes are around 120mm.

What size do Marlboro cigarettes come in?

Although Marlboro cigarettes are available in many sizes, normal Marlboro Reds are usually king-size, with a length of around 85mm. Super king-size variations, measuring about 100mm in length, are also available from Marlboro.

What is the size of a tiny cigarette pack?

A tiny pack of cigarettes is approximately 2.8 inches by 2.2 inches by 0.9 inches and usually includes 10 cigarettes. This size is less typical and is frequently employed for marketing or convenience.